Hilo Medical Center (Pain Management Clinic) purpose is to provide assessment and treatment preferences for pain relief in Hilo Hawaii for patients with long-lasting pain secondary to nonmalignant or malignancy. The action modalities employed will be opioids, medications, and adjunctive, physical exercise, therapy, and Mind–Body function including mental, behavioral treatment.

dyj-1Dr. Galper is one of the consultants in Hilo Medical Center (HMC) to assist in patient’s pain relief in Hilo Hawaii when you are in chronic pain. As patients undergo treat by the primary care doctor, Dr. Galper requests to know when there are any treatments that the referring doctor will not recommend. Once the patients’ pain becomes stable, the patient goes back to the primary physician’s care. In suitable cases, opioids suggested as one of multiple medication modalities in the treatment of particular patients.Services offered include

Valuation of Patients – All patients entitled to the assessment by Dr. Galper in the Hilo Medical Center (HMC) Pain Management Clinic; though, this is not a rehab clinic. Dr. Galper is not recently permitted to treat leading opioid, amphetamine or benzodiazepine dependence in this HMC hospital. If a primary analysis of substance reliance made after assessment, then the patient returns to the primary care doctor to coordinate ongoing treatment. After the patient participates in an outpatient treatment plan, however, the patient may go back to the HMC pain relief in Hilo Hawaii for assessment and treatment reliable with the new treatment plan.

There are three primary medication modalities employed by Dr. Galper at the Hilo Medical Center:

  • Non-opioid treatments will initially trial to minimize or eliminate the use of schedule II, III and IV treatments. Opioids may be employed so long as the treatment makes a constructive contribution to the patient’s purpose.
  • Recommendation to Physical Treatment and appropriate exercise will be an essential part of the pain relief plan.
  • Mind-Body Functioning: patients will have an original way to diagnose the pain knowledge and to control their pain using guided imagery, interruption, and meditation in addition to mental exercises.

Treatment plans are modified to maximize patient purpose. Patients regularly get informed about the modalities cannot cure their pain but, their physical function will develop if all medication patterns are included and practiced.

Continuing Care – patients will be under the care of the HMC for about three to six months. However, any patient may return to the HMC clinic for reassessment if there is a change in the patient’s level of physical function or the patient’s primary analysis changes.